A Hit With 15,000-strong International Audience

MOSHI MOSHI NIPPON FESTIVAL 2014 - an all-new fest celebrating Japanese pop culture with the aim of attracting more visitors to Japan - was a smash hit, attracting more than 15,000 people from all over the world to Tokyo Gymnasium on Sunday, Sept. 28.

The festival was put together by the MOSHI MOSHI NIPPON Project team, and successfully showcased the freshest Japanese culture in the four categories of fashion, music, anime and food. On the big day the venue was truly international, packed with people from a variety of cultures and scenes.

There were food stalls outside the gymnasium, and inside the sprawling venue was a remarkable sight with countless lanterns, fashion and beauty exhibition booths and a massive tori lining the walls. Even before the show, Tokyo Gymnasium was abuzz with anticipation.


Harajuku-based performance group TEMPURA KIDZ kicked off the show on the main MOSHI MOSHI STAGE. After spending the summer performing around Japan and Asia, the crew took to the stage with improved and sharper dance skills.

Popular models such as Una, Misa Kimura and Saki Shibata, as well as the child models, joined in the fun and performed their own versions of the famous Japanese festival dance “yosakoi” - they won the Judges Choice Award at Kochi Yosakoi Festival earlier this year.

Without a moment to waste, leading Harajuku-style models such as Shiho Takechi, Rina Tanaka, Fumiko Aoyagi and Natsume Mito appeared on the runway. J-pop idol group made a surprise modeling appearance on the SPINNS catwalk, which prompted loud cheers from the crowd. The girls then moved on to perform their own songs. Their energy-infused show instantly captured the eyes and ears of the entire venue, and soon had everyone jumping up and down in appreciation.

Next up was another idol unit, SUPER☆GiRLS, who welcomed new members and started a new chapter in their career this spring. Dressed in their new costumes, the girls impressed the audience with their trademark powerful performance.

Harajuku-based band Silent Siren was up next. Despite the fact that they first made their names as models, they no doubt proved their musical talents by getting everyone on their feet and rocking out. The band played their first international gig early this year and will perform at one of the most coveted venues in Japan, Nippon Budukan, in January 2015.

At the main fashion show, Anna Yano, Yura, Saki Shibata, Culumi Nakada, Saki Sato and Rinko Murata as well as model-turned-singer Natsume Mito and Ayumi Seto (who’s also known for her own brand “Aymmy in the batty girls”) took to the spotlight. Models from Asia and Europe also joined them on the runway. Throughout the day, NEEKO, Rei Mastrogiovanni and Natsuko Kondo hosted the stage and kept the hall’s vibe lively and lighthearted.

May’n, who’s known for her anime theme songs, appeared on the main stage later in the day. Her powerful stage presence and vocals echoed through the venue, and took the audience on an exhilarating journey.

The closing act of the stage was of course, Kyary Pamyu Pamyu. The appearance of the J-pop princess lit up the faces of many of the non-Japanese guests. The crowd sang along to some familiar songs such as “Fashion Monster,” “Kira Kira Killer” and crowd-fave “PONPONPON,” the song that made her a global sensation. It was clear that her songs bring people of all ages and nationalities together.

Attracting a large number of young J-Pop fans from Japan and all over the world, MOSHI MOSHI NIPPON FESTIVAL 2014 clearly proved itself to be among the most significant Japanese cultural events in the country. For the finale, all the participating artists and models bathed in the massive spotlights together - the celebration of all things J came to an end with all performers and audience members taking a commemorative photo, shouting “MOSHI MOSHI NIPPON!!”


The Nippon Stage offered over seven hours of live music by 27 artists including Ayami Muto, Cheeky Parade and Shiho Namba. The idols’ futuristic live performances filled the venue with a spark befitting the up-and-coming acts.






追加ラインナップとして、SUPER☆GiRLS、Cheeky Parade、南波志帆、NEKO PUNCH、ハナエ、May’n、Una、Yun*chi、TEMPURA KIDZなどジャパニーズポップカルチャーを支え、盛り上げるアーティストが多数出演。第一弾出演者として発表された、きゃりーぱみゅぱみゅ、Silent Siren、でんぱ組.incらの人気アーティストのほか、武智志穂、田中里奈、青柳文子、三戸なつめ、柴田紗希、瀬戸あゆみらの人気青文字系モデルと合わせ、すでに豪華出演者が決定しているが、今後も追加ラインナップの発表が予定されている。





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